What To Do On Monday (WTDOM)

Daughter’s (Coleen) flight arrives at Denver International Airport at 8:15 this morning. So, since we will already be in the city, it seemed a great idea to stay for the day. Denver has lots of attractions, but Denver has a problem with Mondays.

Coleen suggested visiting the Molly Brown House Museum. Molly was a colorful figure in history, so that sounded like a great idea! Problem: Closed Monday.

I thought we might eat at the White Fence Farm. Problem: Closed Monday.

A visit to Red Rock Amphitheatre would work well into our schedule. Problem: Mountain snows in the forecast.

Maybe the Governor’s mansion? Problem: Tours just in the summer.

Okay, so Denver has a great Art Museum. You’ve got it! Closed Monday.

Clyfford Still Museum? Since you may not know, I’ll tell you. He was an artist. “Abstract Expressionism” is the term most often used to describe his works. Even after his death, he is still an “in” guy. The museum is closed on Monday.

But we outsmarted those who are attempting to wipe Monday off the calendar in Denver. At the Denver Botanic Gardens, we will admire the beauty and have lunch in one of the nice restaurants there. Then we will head out to explore the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall. (No doubt they could not figure out how to close an outdoor mall – even on Monday). Following the mall adventure, we will stroll around Denver’s Historic district. Finally, we will end our day at Casa Bonita to be entertained and eat Mexican food.

Hello, Denver! In spite of the fact that you are not Monday friendly, we WILL have a good time.

Coleen at the top of Pikes Peak, July 2011.


  1. That'll show 'em! And you will indeed have a good time. Enjoy your daughter's visit, and give greetings from us to our niece.

  2. I don't feel quite so bad for being at work on Monday! Thanks!

  3. Vanilla, we did have a good time, even added the Capitol building to our agenda.

    Captain Nancy, some organizations just haven't received the word yet about Monday not being a work day. :)