Hugs by Design

Sometime back in October blogger, Katrina Fernandez, started her blog by writing:
“… and in case I wasn’t clear; leggings are not pants., they are not. Not pants. No pantalones.”

While Christmas shopping, I came to understand why Ms. Fernandez was attempting to clarify this issue. There are, indeed, many women out there who believe that leggings can be appropriately substituted for slacks.

I saw women wearing leggings made of spandex, shiny fabrics, sheer fabrics, and heavy fabrics. Some were plain and some were printed. Women of all ages and sizes wore them with tees, blouses, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Though different in design, all had in common the ability to hug skin.  

As I waited in long lines at cash registers, I watched a parade of bulges and wondered how it was that so many women have no friends or significant others in their lives. Many years ago my mother told me that people who care about you tell you when you are making a fool of yourself; but people who don’t care about you allow you become the object of ridicule. I felt very sad for the many unloved women.

Uploading pictures with this post was considered, but only briefly. I decided I’d rather not have someone think my blog had changed to a porn site. So you will need to take my word for it that bulges, dimples, and round bellies do not make a woman appear well dressed.  Maybe elegance is one more thing that is too old-fashioned for our times.


Living a Motto

Regarding personal responsibility, Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

I think my neighbor across the street has adopted this saying as his motto. One night this past week we had a snowfall that provided us with an accumulation of about an inch. Most would believe there was not enough snow to build a snowman, but not my neighbor. He just got busy and did the best he could with what nature had provided.

Way to go, Dave! Love your sense of humor.


We’ve Been Jingled, Yes Indeed

Friday morning I saw one of my neighbors running past my kitchen window. She was doubled over as though she might be having pain in her belly. Seconds later the doorbell rang.

No one was on the porch when the door was opened, but a gift bag was setting by our tree. A note in the bag let us know we had been “jingled” by the Christmas Elf.

Being jingled, I soon discovered, is much more complicated than is receiving a May Basket. The recipient of a May Basket is expected to enjoy the contents of the basket. Nothing more. This is not true when one has been jingled. The expectation of the Christmas Elf is that those who have been jingled will make up two gift bags, print the “You’ve Been Jingled” poem, and go out and do to two unsuspecting neighbors as has been done to them.

Even after dutifully posting the notice that we had been jingled, we came home from an afternoon shopping trip and discovered another gift bag by the front door.

In order to assist you with planning this delightful activity, I’m providing the web address. I’m sure no one in your neighborhood will be too busy to fill little gift bags with stuff and make secret deliveries. 

Suggestions for gift bag contents (based on the bags we received): cherry cordials, bonbons, whoppers, candles, kitchen towels, and note paper.

Happy Jingling!

Clipart from pic2fly


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

The day after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas decorations are unpacked at our house.  Each year I say I will not have as many decorations as I have had in past years. Each year I vow to give my collections to family. Each year my Inner Self fails to embrace these ideas. So, the tree is now trimmed and my collections are on display. I am, once again, ready for Christmas.

My favorite collection is The Salvation Army Byer’s Choice Carolers. Our son and daughter-in-law, Merrill and Nancy Powers, are officers in the Salvation Army. They serve as leaders of the Freedom Center in Chicago, IL. The new 202,000-square-foot Freedom Center location will open in the Fall of 2015.  Click to view the new center.

The Simpich Carolers is another collection I cherish. Simpich Character dolls and figurines were hand-made in Colorado Springs, CO, the town where I grew up, from 1952 until the founders, Bob and Jan Simpich, retired in 2007. These dolls and figurines are now much sought after by collectors.

I’ve scaled down my decorating to fit condo living. I now have only one tree, less greenery, and fewer wreaths. However, something Christmas is displayed on every surface and in most corners. I love this season when we celebrate Christ’s birth!


How It Should Be

Thanksgiving week this year was marred by racial strife and destruction across our nation. I feel sad for our country and especially for our children who are being taught to hate.

At church yesterday, our great-granddaughter, Emma Ruth Powers, posed with two of her friends. The resulting picture shows how life should be. I pray that the adults who guide and teach them will always model love. 

~Photo by Merrill Powers