We’ve Been Jingled, Yes Indeed

Friday morning I saw one of my neighbors running past my kitchen window. She was doubled over as though she might be having pain in her belly. Seconds later the doorbell rang.

No one was on the porch when the door was opened, but a gift bag was setting by our tree. A note in the bag let us know we had been “jingled” by the Christmas Elf.

Being jingled, I soon discovered, is much more complicated than is receiving a May Basket. The recipient of a May Basket is expected to enjoy the contents of the basket. Nothing more. This is not true when one has been jingled. The expectation of the Christmas Elf is that those who have been jingled will make up two gift bags, print the “You’ve Been Jingled” poem, and go out and do to two unsuspecting neighbors as has been done to them.

Even after dutifully posting the notice that we had been jingled, we came home from an afternoon shopping trip and discovered another gift bag by the front door.

In order to assist you with planning this delightful activity, I’m providing the web address. I’m sure no one in your neighborhood will be too busy to fill little gift bags with stuff and make secret deliveries. 

Suggestions for gift bag contents (based on the bags we received): cherry cordials, bonbons, whoppers, candles, kitchen towels, and note paper.

Happy Jingling!

Clipart from pic2fly

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