Pumpkin Seeds

One day I found two pumpkin seeds.
I planted one and pulled the weeds.
It sprouted roots and a big, long vine.
A pumpkin grew; I called it mine.
The pumpkin was quite round and fat.
(I really am quite proud of that.)
But there is something I'll admit
That has me worried just a bit.

I ate the other seed, you see. Now
will it grow inside of me?
(I'm so relieved since I have found 
That pumpkins only grow in the ground!)

~ Author Unknown

~ Picture from clipartpanda


Is It An Antique?

The glass rolling pin used by my mother. Our icebox with its big block of ice. The churn located on the back porch. These things are part of my childhood memories. They are also things I see often in antique stores. I classify them as “old” but understand that the designation, “antique,” is now used when something becomes a collectable.

While writing a novel set in the 1930’s, my memories of old items made it easy for me to design the homes for that period. The cast iron stove as central heating for the house is one of those items.

When I was a child, our stove was located in the dining room and was placed perfectly to serve as shelter for a shy little girl. When someone knocked on our door, I would run and hide in the corner behind the stove. From there I could hear everything that was going on, but no one could see me.

In Child of Desire, the pot bellied stove in Amanda’s Colorado home was located in the living room. Most recently I have seen these cast iron heating stoves used as patio decorations, but during the 1930’s and 40’s they kept us warm on cold winter days.

I will always be grateful for a dad who rose early each morning to stir the embers and add fuel so his family would wake to a warm home.


Great Week

Just when I thought the best thing that could happen this week was changing our dark fireplace to a light fireplace, . . .

. . . beautiful Coraline Grace arrived!

Coraline is our seventh great-grandchild (fifth great-granddaughter). She is pictured here with  her parents, Jacob and Nicole Walker.


Oklahoma Wesleyan University Board of Trustees Meeting – Fall 2015

Once again I enjoyed being on the OKWU campus for the Board of Trustees meeting. I never cease to be impressed with this Christian university and the planning that is done to ensure that stellar programs are being offered.  

Central Area of the OKWU Campus