The choir number during our worship service this morning featured a gifted soloist who probably knows the meaning of “trust” as well as does anyone. Barbara Eaton heard the diagnosis, ”brain tumor” more than one time. She is a survivor!

The words of this song were particularly meaningful to me today because this month our family celebrates our younger daughter’s ten-year cancer-free anniversary. We walked with Joanne during her journey and sometimes wondered if God was there in darkness.

A portion of the song, “I Will Trust In Thee:

“When my path is dark before me
I will trust in Thee
When thy face is hidden from me
I will trust in Thee

Though my burden's weigh upon my heart
And hope seems far away
I will lift my hand to Thine O God
I will trust in Thee

Before the earth and heaven formed
Before you made the sea
You knew my name
And claimed my life
I will trust in Thee”

~ by Steve Erickson; © 2001 Lorilu Music.

We could not see God in what was happening, but we saw Joanne grow in her faith and we all learned to trust.

Joanne Powers Mrusek
Row 1 (l-r): Leaving the church following her marriage to Michael Mruzek two years ago; during a Colorado vacation; at age three. Row 2 (l-r) as a college student; with husband, Michael, on a cruise.


Honor – Courage - Commitment

Hubby and I traveled to San Diego this week to attend the graduation of our grandson at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. We watched the impressive military ceremony with tears in our eyes and pride in our hearts.

Pvt. Benjamin J. Powers

Courage, Honor, and Commitment are the core values of the United States Marine Corps. The Corps motto, Semper Fidelis, means “Always Faithful.” The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the emblem he wears symbolize the commitment of the USMC to defend our nation – in the air, on land and at sea.

Our prayers will be with Ben as he honors and defends our nation. We are proud of our wonderful young marine.

(Picture by Kayce Powers)