The choir number during our worship service this morning featured a gifted soloist who probably knows the meaning of “trust” as well as does anyone. Barbara Eaton heard the diagnosis, ”brain tumor” more than one time. She is a survivor!

The words of this song were particularly meaningful to me today because this month our family celebrates our younger daughter’s ten-year cancer-free anniversary. We walked with Joanne during her journey and sometimes wondered if God was there in darkness.

A portion of the song, “I Will Trust In Thee:

“When my path is dark before me
I will trust in Thee
When thy face is hidden from me
I will trust in Thee

Though my burden's weigh upon my heart
And hope seems far away
I will lift my hand to Thine O God
I will trust in Thee

Before the earth and heaven formed
Before you made the sea
You knew my name
And claimed my life
I will trust in Thee”

~ by Steve Erickson; © 2001 Lorilu Music.

We could not see God in what was happening, but we saw Joanne grow in her faith and we all learned to trust.

Joanne Powers Mrusek
Row 1 (l-r): Leaving the church following her marriage to Michael Mruzek two years ago; during a Colorado vacation; at age three. Row 2 (l-r) as a college student; with husband, Michael, on a cruise.


  1. *pressing "like" button*

    Blessings. Truly.

  2. I am learning, God isn't really interested in providing a comfortable life for us, He provides what we need to grow into the people He meant for us to be. That usually involves stretching us in uncomfortable ways. There is a saying on FB, "I asked the Lord why did you bring into these deep waters? He answered, because your enemies can't swim." Faith and trust are learned in the trials. I praise God for Joanne's health!!!

  3. Captain Nancy, I have seen so many miracles and answered prayers in your life. Your faith and trust encourages my faith. God is good.