OKWU Again

This week I’m off to Oklahoma Wesleyan University for the fall Board of Trustees meeting. During the sessions, the board will receive reports and approve administrative plans for future growth and development of this thriving faith and learning community.

While on the campus, I will enjoy a latte at Doc Lacy’s, the wonderful coffee house that honors my dad, and take in the beauty of this incredible campus. I’m always impressed with the administration, faculty, staff, and students at this outstanding Christian University.

Picture by friend, Sondra Cave
(Note the lake and beautiful campus buildings reflected in the windows.)

From the OKWU website:
Unapologetic in our commitment to the truth of Christ and the truth of Scripture, OKWU models a way of thought, a way of life, and a way of faith. This is a place of serious study, honest questions, and critical engagement, all in the context of a liberal arts community that honors the Primacy of Jesus Christ, the Priority of Scripture, the Pursuit of Truth, and the Practice of Wisdom.”


  1. In past I have enjoyed a weekend in October at OKWU, but I don't hear from them so much anymore. Except of course for "send more money." Seriously, I do believe in and support the mission.

    1. Vanilla, always the money plea - but for a good cause in this case.

  2. The coffee shop photo is timely in light of the anniversary of your father's birth. Praying that your meetings go well.

    1. Secondary Roads, it really is nice to see the students enjoying the coffee house. Dad would have loved that place.

      Thanks for your prayers.