The Waterfalls That Came To Us

The developer of Stonebridge, the community next to ours, created a beautiful water feature for the city of Olathe to enjoy. This man-made wonder faces the roundabout a quarter of a mile from our condo.

A little over a year in the making, and at a cost of more than any condo in our community, these waterfalls are the feature attraction of South Olathe. Yesterday afternoon and evening this was the “in” place for prom pictures.

Last night, Hubby and I went for a stroll to get a close-up view of this lovely water feature. It is composed of several falls (I think maybe nine or ten in all). What a special gift to our community!

Mr. Rodrock is known for the beautiful communities he develops all across the Johnson County, KS, area, and also as one of our great philanthropists.

Portion of Falls in Front of Bridge

Portion of Falls Behind Bridge

*Several years ago, I taught Lori, Mr. Rodrock’s daughter, at MidAmerica Nazarene University. I had no idea at the time how influential he was in our community.



During Colorado summers I enjoyed the hummingbirds that daily frequented our deck. Many people can’t hear their high-pitched, barely audible chirps as they fly around food sources, but I can hear them plainly.

The birds' arrivals were announced by the humming sounds made by their wings (or buzzing in the case of male birds). One bird usually came to the deck a few minutes ahead of the others, and then the charm would arrive and I was entertained as they chirped and protected their food sources. I was always puzzled as to why they all wanted to feed at the same port or bloom.

As the hummingbirds darted about the feeder and plants sipping nectar, they flew up, down, forward, backwards, and at times hovered in place. They rarely perched on the feeder or planters and only one time during my eight years of deck living did a hummingbird perch on the arm of my chair.

Miss those little guys!

First Arrival


Where Are You?

You must be traveling solo this year,
     Not drifting along with the sun.
You usually arrive with a large entourage,
    In rhythm with nature, as one.

Until you arrive with your sweet song of hope,
     The tune remains timeworn and plain.
Until you enter with power and grace,
     All flora and fauna abstain.

In our dreams by day and by night,
     Color replaces the gray.
In beautiful pictures we hold in our minds,
     You drive April snowstorms away.


Picture from Pinterest


Pen Name Needed

Something I’m now writing is causing me to consider using a pen name. The writing is somewhat dark, maybe Poe-esque, and I don’t want to put my family in the situation of needing to disclaim relationship.*

My favorite pen name is Ayn Rand. This is mainly because I like the spelling of the first name. So innovative, but sophisticated.

Most of the pen names I like best have one-syllable first and last names: Ayn Rand, Mark Twain, Stan Lee, Bell Hooks. These roll easily off of the tongue.

I don’t care for single names or initials (BB, Boz, Elia) or names that would make readers instantly think of Germany (guttural  = not good).

So far my creative juices are not flowing, so I could use a little help. Unfortunately, if I use a pen name suggested by someone else, that could set up a blackmail scenairo. (A million or I’ll tell.)

So back to listening and researching. It may take longer to decide on a pen name than to write my novella.

* Not bad and shameful, just a little dark and depressing - a reflection of me, maybe.