Pen Name Needed

Something I’m now writing is causing me to consider using a pen name. The writing is somewhat dark, maybe Poe-esque, and I don’t want to put my family in the situation of needing to disclaim relationship.*

My favorite pen name is Ayn Rand. This is mainly because I like the spelling of the first name. So innovative, but sophisticated.

Most of the pen names I like best have one-syllable first and last names: Ayn Rand, Mark Twain, Stan Lee, Bell Hooks. These roll easily off of the tongue.

I don’t care for single names or initials (BB, Boz, Elia) or names that would make readers instantly think of Germany (guttural  = not good).

So far my creative juices are not flowing, so I could use a little help. Unfortunately, if I use a pen name suggested by someone else, that could set up a blackmail scenairo. (A million or I’ll tell.)

So back to listening and researching. It may take longer to decide on a pen name than to write my novella.

* Not bad and shameful, just a little dark and depressing - a reflection of me, maybe.


  1. Requires a gender change, but perhaps "Dirk Knight." Logo is the jack of clubs . . . or spades.

  2. I've actually thought about this. Nothing coming to mind. You have always been Verla to me.

    1. Some people probably think my name is a pen name.