Child of Desire by Verla Lacy Powers

Book Trailer Under Revision (Created by Collegiate Films)

Amanda and Sam watched silently as the truck rounded the corner and disappeared behind the church. In the deep recesses of her memory, Amanda heard the voice of her grandmamma from long ago, saying, “Joy comes to those who dream, destruction to those who scheme.”

As a child, Amanda always knew that she wanted to be a mother. Growing up through the twenties and into the Great Depression, Amanda is a headstrong woman in a world that doesn’t want to accept her.  Now she is trapped in a loveless marriage far away from the family that cares about her. While her husband, Sam, is paying more attention than Amanda likes to another woman, Luke, Sam’s brother, is the only one who makes Amanda feel like she’s loved. Dreaming of a way to bring joy into her life, Amanda dares to enter into a conspiracy that sinks her and Sam even further into deceit and lies. Will Amanda be able to make something out of her life and find true happiness?  Or is she already too far down a path that will lead to nothing but destruction for her and her family?

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