Two Golden Days

A small piece of newsprint that I found in a New Testament that belonged to my Dad is titled, “Two Golden Days.”

“. . . There are two golden days about which I never worry: yesterday and tomorrow.  Those days belong to God. Therefore, that leaves me only today. Any man can fight the battles of just one day. ‘Oh, friend, it is only when we add the burden of those two eternities – yesterday and tomorrow – that we break down. Those are God’s days. Leave them with Him. Therefore, I will journey just one day at a time.’ ” 

This torn section from a printed page is now in my Bible. May the words be so for me!

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What’s With the Change?

It only took three mornings for my body to catch up with my mind: 
  • Clocks changed þ 
  • Later bedtime þ
  • Psyched for an extra hour of sleep þ 

I told myself that six o’clock is the new five o’clock, but my body responded, “No, no, no! It’s coffee time and you need to get up.”

I’ve always wondered why the "powers that be” mess with time. Maybe it’s because they need something to make them feel powerful.

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Unexpected Gratefulness

My needs are basic and my wants are few. Things I want more of are minutes and hours with family. Food and shelter are more plentiful/spacious than I deserve.

There are, however, some things about which I complain and actually might enjoy more if there were less. This past Sunday I saw a “more is less” example that reminded me to be grateful.

When Hubby and I need to travel on a Sunday, our practice is to leave early in the morning and find a place of worship along our route. This past weekend we hit the jackpot (so to speak) by arriving in a large city mid-morning. Here, we had our choice of mega-churches located along the interstate service drive.

We selected a large church where we entered the huge foyer filled with chatting people. Many strategically located signs provided information  
  • Reception Desk
  • Worship Center
  • Nurseries
  • Children's Area
  • Youth Area
  • Breakfast Café
  • Coffee Bar
  • Offices

– but no easy to locate restroom signs. We had to ask. (Did I mention that we were traveling?)

Ten minutes prior to service time found us situated in the sanctuary. Being early allowed us time to:

·       count down minutes to starting time by following clocks on two large screens.
·       wonder when people occupying the lobby would arrive for worship.
·       watch preparations taking place on the stage.

At around 2:00 and counting, worshippers rushed in (many with coffee cups) and most were seated by the time the clocks hit zero. At that precise moment, a guitar strummed the beginning notes of the first worship song.

Thirteen minutes later, we finished that song. (“We” is used loosely here since I did not know the song and, therefore, was not singing.) Now, about gratefulness. This brief song being sung over and over for thirteen minutes made me realize how grateful I am that the worship leader at my church knows how to bring a song to closure. Short-term, I was grateful the second song lasted for only six minutes and we could sit down.

Following one hour and twenty-five minutes of singing, prayer, offering, sermon, and communion, the service of baptism began. We are not in the habit of leaving services early, but our goal was to reach home before dark. We left

Note to self: On next trip locate a little church – preferably in a small town.