Hugs by Design

Sometime back in October blogger, Katrina Fernandez, started her blog by writing:
“… and in case I wasn’t clear; leggings are not pants., they are not. Not pants. No pantalones.”

While Christmas shopping, I came to understand why Ms. Fernandez was attempting to clarify this issue. There are, indeed, many women out there who believe that leggings can be appropriately substituted for slacks.

I saw women wearing leggings made of spandex, shiny fabrics, sheer fabrics, and heavy fabrics. Some were plain and some were printed. Women of all ages and sizes wore them with tees, blouses, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Though different in design, all had in common the ability to hug skin.  

As I waited in long lines at cash registers, I watched a parade of bulges and wondered how it was that so many women have no friends or significant others in their lives. Many years ago my mother told me that people who care about you tell you when you are making a fool of yourself; but people who don’t care about you allow you become the object of ridicule. I felt very sad for the many unloved women.

Uploading pictures with this post was considered, but only briefly. I decided I’d rather not have someone think my blog had changed to a porn site. So you will need to take my word for it that bulges, dimples, and round bellies do not make a woman appear well dressed.  Maybe elegance is one more thing that is too old-fashioned for our times.


  1. As Frank Sinatra sang, "In olden days a glimpse of stocking
    Was looked on as something shocking
    Now heaven knows, anything goes."

    Maybe elegance is too old-fashioned for our times, but at the least bring back self-respect.

  2. As a faithful reader of this blog, I want to thank you for sparing my eyes from that image. You obviously prefer the beauty that endures and grows with each passing year.

    1. Secondary Roads, you are welcome. : )