It’s A Wonderful LIfe

This past week was a busy one. Pictures best tell the story of fun times with great-granddaughter, Emma, her grandparents, Merrill and Nancy Powers, her uncle and aunt, Dale and Kayce Powers, and her second cousins Michael and Ben.

The week included family meals together, lunch at Fritz’s where a train delivered lunch and great-grandma wore the hat intended for Emma (but she would not wear), throwing coins into the pond at the Westin Crown Center waterfall, ice-skating with Grandma Nancy, playing at Crayola Land, making princess crowns with Aunt Kayce, shopping at American Girl Doll, riding the carousel at Oak Park Mall, and a thousand other activities. (I’m pretty sure about this number. Although I did not keep an exact count, my tiredness confirms this.) All of us rang in the New Year – well, for Hubby and me, such as old folks do those late night things, and then we said good-bye to Ben who returned on New Year’s Day to Camp Pendleton following the surprise two-week leave he was granted. Great week!

Happy New Year to all of you bloggers and readers out there!


  1. And a happy new year to you to follow the wonderful holiday week you had!