It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

The day after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas decorations are unpacked at our house.  Each year I say I will not have as many decorations as I have had in past years. Each year I vow to give my collections to family. Each year my Inner Self fails to embrace these ideas. So, the tree is now trimmed and my collections are on display. I am, once again, ready for Christmas.

My favorite collection is The Salvation Army Byer’s Choice Carolers. Our son and daughter-in-law, Merrill and Nancy Powers, are officers in the Salvation Army. They serve as leaders of the Freedom Center in Chicago, IL. The new 202,000-square-foot Freedom Center location will open in the Fall of 2015.  Click to view the new center.

The Simpich Carolers is another collection I cherish. Simpich Character dolls and figurines were hand-made in Colorado Springs, CO, the town where I grew up, from 1952 until the founders, Bob and Jan Simpich, retired in 2007. These dolls and figurines are now much sought after by collectors.

I’ve scaled down my decorating to fit condo living. I now have only one tree, less greenery, and fewer wreaths. However, something Christmas is displayed on every surface and in most corners. I love this season when we celebrate Christ’s birth!


  1. Very nice, indeed. Our resolve is stronger than yours, though. A sprig of green on the outside of the front door, a two-foot predecorated tree on a table by the front window. Will put a nativity set on a table in the dining room. Twenty-eight boxes of stuff reposing quietly in the barn. I'm lovin' it. Christmas, I mean!

  2. Vanilla, maybe I'll give up the decorating when I can no longer get up on a ladder. Since decorations are not Christmas, I know you will have a great season without all of the spaces being covered with green and red stuff.