Often I receive email messages written by people who seem to be in panic mode. These messages encourage me to do a variety of things lest I contribute to the destruction of my lifestyle, the economy, the environment, or everyone’s freedom. I’m admonished to take an action, include something in my routine, eliminate something from my lifestyle, and, always, to sound the alarm for others. Each caution seems to imply that I either can’t or don’t read and, thus, keep up with what is going on in the world. Or maybe it’s just that many people love me bunches and want to be sure that during my very busy life I haven’t overlooked some important information. I’ll go with the latter since I like that option better.

Recently I received a warning about purchasing clothing at Walmart. The person sounding this alarm is certain that people who buy affordable products found on the shelves of Walmart stores are pretty much responsible for the destruction of our economy. After all, many of those products are made in other countries.

Having been duly cautioned, I went to my wardrobe to read the labels on various fashions there. I wanted to affirm what I already believed, that by purchasing my clothing at department stores and boutiques, I was helping to save the economy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Walmart is not single-handedly eliminating American jobs. Partial results include:
  • Jones of New York®; TAHARI by Arthur Levine®; Peter Nygard®; Preston & York®; Pendleton®  – made in China
  • Coldwater Creek® – made in China/Guatemala/USA
  • Talbots® – made in Korea
  • West Bay® – made in Mexico

So what to do? Make my own clothes with imported fabric? Go with made in the USA items my internet search turned up: sleepwear, beachwear, denim attire?

I probably will not be wearing such casual items when I go out to dinner or to church, but I do have new respect for the high school girls I see at the shopping mall who are clad in pajama bottoms and tees. They are our future; the ones who will rescue our economy.

Now off to Walmart to find something affordable to wear!


  1. Your birthday suit was made in the good ole USA!!! Perhaps the nudist have the right idea!

  2. Captain Nancy, it's true that my birthday suit was made in the USA. Now, on to how one keeps warm!

  3. There shall always be those among us who know better how we should live than we do. And they are always so willing to be of help. Unfortunately, more and more of them seem to be worming their way into positions of authority,,,

    1. Vanilla, "worming" does seem to be the appropriate word choice.