Beautiful Weekend/Beautiful “Greats”

Yesterday we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, at our church. It was a beautiful and moving service.

We also now have the newest pictures of our great-grandchildren – numbering four. How incredible is technology?

My dad always called his great-grandchildren his “Greats” – in my opinion, a very fitting designation. Our Greats are an extraordinary gift to us! How thankful I am to be privileged to live to old age, no, what I really mean is “to the mature years” and to have the privilege of holding my beautiful great-grandchildren in my arms.

Over the years I have prayed for my children and grandchildren, and now my great-grandchildren that they will come to know and love my Risen Savior. That is my utmost desire.

So now a little great-grandma bragging! From youngest to oldest:

Newest Great, Sophia Alexandra Fuller (four months), is dwarfed by the big Easter Bunny
Great, Sawyer Brent Walker - Mr. Happy Guy (six months), is the only boy.
Great, Emma Ruth Powers (one year), at church in her Easter outfit.
Great, Olivia Jean Walker (three and a half), ready to attend Easter service.


  1. And you should be proud. They are beautiful.

  2. I was thinking of your parents on Easter, I wonder what your dad would have called his great, great grandchildren! The newest branches on the family tree have a strong trunk in their heritage!

  3. Vanilla, thanks!

    Ilene, thank you!

    Captain Nancy, Grandpa Lacy would have delighted with the newest branches on the family tree. Our family is definitely blessed with a wonderful heritage.

  4. I'm sure your Greats will have wonderful memories of you and Grandpa, just I like I do of my Great Grandpa! I remember losing many games of Othello to him. One of my favorite memories!

  5. Meggyd06, your great-grandpa loved being with his Greats and always wished he could see them more often. I also wish we did not live so far from ours and could be with them more. But I cherish every minute I am privileged to spend with each one.