Rules Don’t Apply?

For those of you to whom rules don’t apply, I have a question, “Why?”

• There are five empty “Handicapped Parking” spaces. You will only be taking one and it will be a quick trip inside to pick up just one item.
• You are betting that no one will ever know a prescription isn’t being picked up when you pull into the “Prescription Pick-up” spot.
• You whip into the “Reserved for Pregnant Mom’s” space. Really? No one’s going to notice that you’re a man? Just guessing, but my bet is that of the 151.4 million men in our country (give or take a few) you are not going to be a Ripley’s Believe It or Not sensation.
• You pass the car in front of you on a two lane mountain highway, crossing the double yellow line to do so. Thanks for making the driver you are passing slam on the brakes when the car you were gambling wouldn’t be there came around the curve.
• You open and empty half a package of snacks at the grocery store and then return the package to the shelf.
• You walk away and pretend you don’t recognize yourself as the rightful owner of the pile your dog just left behind.
• You heard the clearly stated guidelines for not applauding after each graduate so everyone doesn’t have to stay all night at commencement. But when your beloved graduate walks across the stage it is to loud applause and whistling.
• You own the world’s cutest toy poodle and he needs to eat a meal at a restaurant with “mommy” and “daddy.”

Yes, I meant “eat with” and I’m not referring to a service dog that sits quietly under the table keeping an eye out for its master. I’m writing here about a little dog that has been taught he is a people.

I witnessed this final rule-breaking incident while we were at an eatery where we had not previously been privileged to dine. It was the coupons rather than a drive-by that lured us into this establishment, Omelets Etc.

A very tall man dressed in cowboy garb, including the big hat, and his little lady sat in the booth next to us. Our food had arrived and Hubby and I were discussing very important issues when a whining noise caught my attention. Turning to look toward the cowboy’s table, I observed that another diner had joined them. Little Lady was now taking food from her plate and placing it on the table in front of Cute Little Poodle. Cutie Poodle quickly gobbled it down and licked the table clean before whining for more. Do people really want to watch your doggie eat and lick the table clean between each bite? I didn’t!

In my mind I pictured a recently used cleaning rag and several thoughts traveled in quick succession through my head:
 Was Cutie Poodle a regular diner?
 Were all tables cleaned by a quick swipe of a cloth that made its abode on the service counter?
 Were we at a people restaurant or had we inadvertently stumbled upon a restaurant where dogs are allowed to bring their people?
 Where is the health inspector when really needed?
 Should I finish my food or waste it?

The first half of the waffle wasn’t bad. I don’t know about the rest.

Once again, for those of you to whom rules don’t apply, I’ll ask my question, “Why?”

“Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.”~J.C. Watts


  1. Can't answer your question because you didn't ask me. Love the Watts quote. This is a great article which should be widely read, but won't be by those to whom your question is addressed, I fear.

  2. Vanilla, I happen to know that you were taught rule-keeping and doing the right thing as a youngster. Bless those parents who help kids to understand they are not on this planet alone.