A Lesson From Facebook

My friends on Facebook represent my past and the present in a variety of ways. Among them are former students, former colleagues, friends from years spent living in Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Kansas, relatives, and even friends with whom I attended elementary and high school. I enjoy reading friends’ posts and, in doing so, catching up on what is going on in their lives. What I’ve discovered from Facebook interactions is how connected I am with my past and how important it is to stay in touch with people who are meaningful in my life.

It was a Facebook profile post the other day that reminded me of how much gratefulness can cheer our spirits and make our hearts sing. My friend, Sara, is a teacher who has made the decision to temporarily give up her classroom to be a stay-at-home mom, guiding the lives of two little boys. I had the privilege of having Sara as a student in university classes. Friendly and cheerful, Sara always brightened the room when she arrived for class. So it was not a surprise to me when she started to enter “thankful” posts on her profile page. To date, she has entered something for which she is thankful each day of this calendar year.

The other day a post by Sara demonstrated the influence her grateful spirit has had on her older son, four-year-old Ian. While eating his egg sandwich for breakfast, he looked up at Sara and said, “Whoa, Mom. Thanks. This is awesome!”

Okay, Mrs. Reimer, your son thinks your egg sandwiches are awesome, but I think you are an awesome mom. What better lesson to teach your children than to live in an attitude of thankfulness? And, not only have you demonstrated the importance of being positive to those around you, but also to your friends on Facebook.

So, from now on, no more complaining about snow in May, the deer eating my flowers, taxes, the economy, the cost of gas, and the rising prices on groceries. I have a new plan. I’ll just think about each great thing in my life and say, “Whoa. This is awesome!”

Hey, a resolution, and this isn’t even the beginning of a new year!

*Used by permission

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