So Proud!

This week our grandson, Ben, was deployed. How did he go so quickly from high school honor student/student body president/soccer player/pole-vaulter/homecoming king to being in a far away country? Sad time for us, but we are very proud of his bravery and service to our country.

Graduation From Marine Recruit Training, October 2014

Mountain Survival Training June-July 2015

The following was written by a Marine and posted on Facebook by a young friend of mine who is also a Marine. 

-       I left home at 18.
-       I learned to kill a human being before I learned to do my taxes.
-       I learned how to care about someone else’s life, more than my own.
-       I have friends in college and I have friends in Afghanistan.
-       My friends in college go home for the summer, my friends in Afghanistan haven’t come back.
-       I wrote my will at 19.
-       I don’t get enough sleep most nights.
-       I don’t get paid much.
-       I don’t know the next time I will see my family.
-       I don’t know when I may go home.
-       I don’t know much, really, but I know one thing . . .
-       I have 160,000 brothers out there and they make it all worth it.
My young friend added: “I wrote goodbye letters to my family in the Saudi Desert too . . . very eye opening.”

This brought tears to my eyes. The feelings I had when I learned our grandson, at age 18, had just written his will can't even be described. From a kid to a tough Marine in only a few months.


  1. Handsome young man. He looks so much like his dad. I will be praying for him.

    1. Thank you, Ilene, your prayers are much appreciated.

      He does look a lot like his Dad, though his coloring is darker.

  2. I understand both your pride and your concern. God bless Ben and you too.

    1. Thank you, Secondary Roads. Who knew grandchildren would make us so proud?

  3. Ben is a blessing to his family, and to us all as he serves the country.