Excuse Me

When we moved back to Kansas, we discovered that there was no longer a newspaper published in our city. The Kansas City Star now supposedly covers Olathe news, but that rarely happens.

Since we have always subscribed to a paper, we decided to subscribe to the Wednesday and Sunday papers so we have access to specials and ads and maybe, with a little luck, find a few articles that interest us.

When we go away for the weekend and know we are coming back on Sunday, we do not have anyone care for our paper. We want to have it available to us when we arrive home. For the second time now we arrived home on a Sunday evening and discovered our paper was missing. Apparently someone believes that if we are gone the newspaper is up for grabs. The last time this happened, the paper never reappeared.

Excuse me! May I ask why you are stealing my newspaper?

Our son suggested a new sign for our yard. I found this one. It seems fitting. 

~ from addacover.com


  1. The sign is appropriate, but would you really want to post it?

    1. Just letting off steam because I don't like losing my crossword puzzles. : )

      I always just smile when people are being nosey. Our units are very close and face each other, so that happens often here.

      Interestingly, our paper appeared in front of our garage door around noon yesterday. So, someone was apparently just being helpful this time.

    2. Maybe whoever took it, reads your blog and decided to return it. :)

    3. Ilene, I thought about that but I don't think anyone here knows I blog. It is really hard for me to get used to people turning their heads and looking directly in our window as they walk past our unit. One day Elvin was eating at the bar and he waved at one of the neighbors who was looking toward our window. That person waved back - so we knew he actually was peering in to see what we were doing.