The cheerleaders are yelling, “Go Cougars!” What are you thinking? What I’m thinking is that the school's mascot is a big cat, admired for both its grace and power. Not so with the Draper, Utah, school board. What they are thinking about is a middle-aged woman pursuing a younger man.

Utah is an area of the West where people share their space with wild animals. Cougars (aka mountain lions) are a part of the animal population there. So it’s no surprise that the cougar is mascot for several western universities, including Utah’s Brigham Young University. However, even though this highly admired big cat received the most votes from students to be the mascot for a new high school in Draper, the school board nixed the idea. This is because some see the word as having, as the superintendent of schools explained, a “negative double entendre.”

One has to wonder what kind of juvenile thinkers hold positions on the Draper school board. Grow up people!

So instead of Cougars, the school’s teams will be known as Chargers.  

Oh well. "Go Chargers!"

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  1. Hummmmmm, I'm thinking of someone that uses their credit cards too often!!!

  2. Nancy, those credit card people would be the best at charging.

    Coleen, not kidding!

  3. This would be just another funny story if it were not so sadly pathetic. Can the community not recall its board?

  4. Vanilla, recall seems like a good idea.