At one time in history, TV news provided updates on current events around the world and locally. Now, with stations in competition to be the most watched channel, things sneaking in as news might need a new category with the title, “Let’s make you barf before dinner.”

This past week, one of our local channels presented a feature I would consider to be in this category. The report was about “Grossology,” a museum exhibit that is self-proclaimed as “The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body.”

Several exhibits were demonstrated for the very enthusiastic viewers in our household (not), including burping, barfing, and matching body odors to the areas of the body where they occur. (Think London subway here.)

The weatherman came on the set following this story and commented that if he went to that exhibit, he would become Exhibit #1. But that would only occur if he arrived at the museum sometime before my arrival.

I do know one group who will enjoy this exhibit immensely. My judgment on this matter is related to having taught sixth grade in a past life. During the fall of each year, usually after the first frost, some boy would reach up and snag a lazy fly from the air as it attempted to wing past his desk. Then the fly was quickly smashed. This always elicited the desired response from the girls as, in unison, they shrieked, “EWWW!” Then the current perpetrator was excused from the room to wash his hands. Win, win!

Now I remember why I enjoyed teaching college students so much!

Link to Grossology: http://www.fwmuseum.org/grossology

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