Change Comes Slowly

It’s difficult for some people to change. That includes me. I no more than get used to a new cell phone when my contract expires and my old model is no longer available. So, instead of being able to continue with the “dummy phone” I have used for the two years of my contract, I find myself once again spending time figuring out a new alarm and touch screen.

Difficulty with change applies to several areas of my life including new appliances, new cars, and new music at church. (How did that last one make this discussion? Must be something often on my mind!)

Just when I decide I probably hate change more than anyone, I find out about the bureaucrats who manage the Pennsylvania Turnpike. These people are the “cash only” kings of this century. In the real world we pay using credit cards, debit cards, and even iPhones. In my state, on Colorado E470, license plates are photographed and a bill is sent to users of that forty-seven mile toll road. No stopping, no tickets, no cash. Even on scenic toll roads in Colorado we welcome tourists’ credit cards. But in the backward PA Turnpike world, one has to stop for tickets when entering the turnpike and dig around to find green and change when exiting. Lots of green I might add!

So when you plan a trip on the PA Turnpike, be sure to visit an ATM before you merge onto that long asphalt money pit! And hey, PA, how about moving into the world of technology?


  1. Really? I applaud PA for its stubborn refusal to march to the same technological drummer that drives the rest of the world. Cash! Long may she rule.

  2. Vanilla, cash makes the wallet heavy. Maybe we should carry only 100's when on turnpikes. Lots of fun for them to make change, I'm sure.

  3. Lots of green is correct. I was wondering if I was going to have to tap my Home Equity Line of Credit to pay for the trip.

  4. Don, that's funny! PA has figured out a way to pay for their highways. I guess they should get credit for creative thinking.