I THINK that I shall never see
A Pro Team that appeals to me.

A team that doesn’t hunt for prey
And take our hard-earned cash away.

A team with players who don't wear
A haughty attitude, and swear.

A team with players who desire
To be role models I admire.

A team where conscience causes pain
When virtuous players they disdain.

Games were invented for fools like me
Who seek escape from reality.

Apologies to poet, Joyce Kilmer (1886 – 1918)! And I need to hurry now lest I’m late to my Super Bowl Party.


  1. May I copy this as long as I quote you???? Please???

  2. Captain Nancy, you are very welcome to use this. I think I was having a mind block about my blog when I wrote this "poem." The only time I have ever liked football is when a son/grandson played - though it was not the game I liked :)