Caution, Charlie May Cause Swearing

CHARLIE  (Photo by Merrill Powers)

Charlie is a resident in our condo complex. While he came to the complex without a name, he became affectionately known as Charlie after he adopted my neighbor as his best friend (BF) and said neighbor named him, Charlie. Most people think that a dog is man’s BF, but Charlie has set out to disprove this and show everyone in our community that a deer is actually man’s BF.

Probably my neighbor’s gardening talent is the reason this beautiful buck made his choice concerning who he wants as a pal.  While most of us are content with the minimal and not very colorful landscaping provided by the association, our neighbor has a big commons area around his condo, and that space has become his private flower garden.

My neighbor is a great guy, but Charlie’s choice to make him his BF is probably less a rebuff of the rest of us than it is an attraction to the beautiful flowers growing all over the commons area surrounding his condo.  You see, Charlie thinks the best snacks in the world are geraniums and other colorful flowers. 

My neighbor is quite patient.  Anyone who observes him putting up his Christmas decorations and tending his flowers knows that.  Neighbors often go over to visit with him while he is working, and we all get the same broad smile and welcome.  But following the first round of geranium consumption, Charlie needs to stay his distance. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to get that, and this is the root of the problem.

A summer day scenario in my neighbor’s yard might be played out as follows:

Neighbor is planting and tending flowers and shrubs.

Charlie walks up behind neighbor and stops. 

Neighbor looks up and commands, “Charlie, get out of here!”

Charlie turns and retreats a short distance, probably five feet. 

Neighbor turns and continues to care for the plants.

Charlie again sneaks quietly up behind neighbor. 

I’m not sure how many times I saw this scenario replayed before I learned that we must avoid Charlie at all costs.  He really might cause swearing!

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