Water Conservation

The dream was vivid. I was attempting to style my hair with a blow dryer, but my hair, which was hanging in long, sticky strings down my back, refused to yield to the heat and round brush. The long hair definitely says dream because when my hair reaches the nape of my neck it’s time for a haircut.

I blame this dream, or maybe it qualifies as a nightmare, on our condo association’s newly formed Water Committee. Water is at a premium in Colorado and, as the population grows, finding new sources of water is an ongoing issue. However, that is not the kind of issue with which our committee deals. The mandate for our water committee is to come up with ideas and tips for saving water here in our little corner of the world.

I recognize the importance of this committee and applaud them for their research efforts and the seriousness with which they perform their duties. A few weeks ago the committee started researching ways to conserve water and invited residents to submit suggestions. Then they met and adopted some of the ideas. Subsequently they published water conserving “hints” in the Villa newsletter. Most were good tips:
• Having more xeroscaping in the commons areas
• Installation of water meters in each phase of the complex to monitor water use
• Using two hands to brush teeth (one to hold the brush and the other to turn off the water during brushing)
• Taking baths in ½ tub of water in place of showering
• Taking short showers, three minutes or less

Since reading the suggestions in the newsletter, some of the showers taken in our household have been timed. Do you know how long a three minute shower lasts? Three minutes! But the second suggestion was probably the reason for my dream. In my dream the installation of water meters in each phase of the community apparently got mixed up in my mind with the installation of an automatic shut-off valve on my showerhead. It was this valve that terminated my shower just as conditioner was applied to my hair. A source close to committee business laughed at my dream and assures me that there will be no takeover of my privacy.

I have been told that one suggestion did not make it through committee. Reasoning that our showers could do double duty and, thus, save some water, one concerned citizen suggested showering with a friend. Hmmm . . . We often have friends over for coffee and dessert, but how many friends do I have who might like to come over for a shower?

Maybe I’ll just stick to attempting to beat the clock! Meanwhile I should probably consider getting the door lock changed, just as insurance that no one installs an automatic shut-off valve in my shower.

Clipart: National Association Conservation Districts


  1. My wife and I are such big water savers by showering together, I think we deserve an award.

  2. Just to let you know, when you visit us next month, you guys can shower together if you wish, but I am a one person showerer!

    I am anxious to see your book in print, I love your writing style!!!

  3. Trooper Thorn, definitely you should get an award for your conservation efforts.

    Captain Nancy, thanks! Does your shower have two shower heads? Hubby likes his water on the very cool side while I like it close to hot. But then maybe that wouldn't save any water:)