Naming Blogs

Who knew it could be so difficult to name a blog? Well, not me!

When I decided to start a blog, I had no idea that selecting a blog name would present a gargantuan challenge. While I’m sure that others more educated in the ways of technology than I know all about the basic rules for naming one’s blog, I did not realize those rules existed. Nor was I aware that there are blog naming tools on the internet that will generate names for the less creative who, despite their ignorance, decide to enter the world of blogging.

Because I’m me, and usually like to do things independently, I disregarded all suggestions I found on the internet and created my own list of potential blog names. There were twenty-nine. Then I carefully analyzed my twenty-nine possibilities. This process caused me to eliminate most.
• Not “me”? Gone!
• Antiquated? Gone! (Who writes a blog with pen and ink?)
• Perhaps unwanted connotations? Gone!
• Not creative enough? Gone!

When I finished with my analysis, there were five names left. So I went to the internet and “Googled” each of the five names. To my surprise I discovered that I’m not at all creative. All five of the remaining possibilities had been previously chosen by others as names for blogs, Ezines, or online newsletters. With the five finalists now eliminated, I still had no name for my blog.

So what do I do when I have a problem but no answers? I turn to family, of course!

“Very Verla” was the immediate response I got from my sister-in-law, JoAnn. Her reasoning? Alliteration captures attention and, put together, the two words signal that the blog is “me.” I liked the reasoning, even though I don’t care a lot for my unusual first name and would not have thought to use it as a part of my blog name.

My name is not a family name. In fact, I’m the only one in the family who was stuck with has the name, Verla. Going back several generations, one finds lovely ladies names in my family: Sarah, Anna, Jane, Mary, Angeline, Elizabeth, Katherine, Martha, Lauretta, Judith, Suzanne, Adeline, Amanda. But Mom and Dad were creative. No old family names for them! So, somewhere, and without even having the internet, they found the name, Verla. It became mine.

So, thanks to the newest “sis” in our family for the name of my blog. (I added “joie de vivre” to reflect the tone of the writing.)

JoAnn in Colorado - October 2010


  1. JoAnn says, "The name is appropriate; it is you. Thanks for the recognition. I well remember the day the picture was taken. Good times."

  2. David/Joanne, after all of these years I should be used to the name, right?

    Joanne, I will have to find out how the name "suits" me. Could be interesting!

  3. "Verla" suits you because it is unique, just like you! Do you know how many Nancys I know? ... way too many! Do you know how many Verlas I know?...One! You are one of the most unique individuals I know... talented on so many fronts, brillant, funny, caring ... unique, like Verla!

  4. Thanks, Captain Nancy, you are very sweet.

  5. JoAnn, you certainly deserve the recognition for your contribution. Thanks again! The October visit was a lot of fun.