Where Was I?

Sometimes I wonder where I was while my kids were growing up and if they did all of the interesting and cute things kids do now.  I do remember that my four were adorable, so maybe I just no longer remember all of the specifics about what they said and did.

Part of the enjoyment I derive from being on Facebook is reading the posts of my young FB friends who take the time to detail the funny things their kids say and do. I taught at a university for many years and a lot of the students I had there are now FB friends. Also, my husband was a pastor and some from his church youth groups, now adults, are also my CyberWorld friends. Many of these young friends are now moms, some with careers and some stay-at-home moms. I admire them for taking time out of their busy days to share with others the fun things that happen in their lives. 

Recently, Stefanie posted an entry that made me laugh.  Stefanie, who lives in Kansas, has a beautiful little family with five children.  Her two youngest are girls.  I suspect that the play they engage in may be related to the fact that their mother could pass for a model, but I can’t prove that.

The story Stefanie related, as I recall it, is as follows: One of her daughters was pretending to put on lipstick. This daughter is referred to by Stefanie as “#4 kiddo.” All day long #4 artfully applied "lipstick" to her lips.  Finally, “#5 kiddo” wanted some lipstick too, so #4 "gave" her sister the pretend lipstick so she could also pretend she was putting it on.  Then #4 immediately started to cry and say, “Mommy!  She’s putting too much on!  I want it back!” 

You made my day, Mrs. Hurley. Thank you for taking the time to “stop and smell the roses.”  My wish is that all children would be so fortunate as to have a mother who enjoys them as much as you enjoy your family.  Too soon they go off to college!

You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way" Walter Hagen, American Athlete, 1892-1969

*Story used by permission


  1. I enjoyed this post. And I too find the world of Facebook a total draw.
    However, you final sentence makes me a little worried that you'll come to my blog and find me terribly upsetting in regards to my interactions with my children since you found such pleasure in Mrs. Hurley. So dont' come to my blog! :)

  2. Sandra - visited your blog. It's great!

  3. That Sandra, always finds the best posts.

  4. Mrs. Tuna - how nice of you to say that. I loved Sandra's humorous blog.