If you know a Texan, you understand the term “Texas-sized,” a term referring to something really big.  I can’t document it as fact, but I have come to believe that Texas children are taught as they are growing up that anything in or related to Texas is inherently bigger or better.

Supporting the idea that everything is bigger in Texas, a Texas company recently developed a Texas-sized supercomputer, the largest ever to be built.  If you read sports sections of newspapers, you know that sports reporters often use the term, Texas-sized, to describe things going on with teams.  A team might be in a “Texas-sized tail-spin,” have a “Texas-sized moment,” or get “Texas-sized revenge.”  You get the picture. We all understand what people mean by, “Texas-sized," but some of you may not understand “Hollywood-sized.”

I learned about the concept of “Hollywood-sized” recently while watching a television interview with a Hollywood personality. During the interview the young lady told about losing weight and going from a size sixteen to a size four dress. Kudos to anyone who can achieve that monumental feat!

Since my TV allows for viewing as well as hearing, I was surprised by the information coming from the star’s mouth. I have been told that flat screen TV’s are deceiving and give the illusion of pounds not really there, so I decided maybe that was what was going on in this instance.  Then the star decided to share facts and figures.  She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.  I can relate that height. I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall in my stocking feet. Then she told her weight. That was when I became puzzled. I couldn’t help wondering how she could fit into a size four dress when she weighs several pounds more than I weigh. 

For one day during junior high school I might have taken a twenty-four hour journey through size four, but I don’t remember ever having any size four clothes in my closet.  I see clothes in that size up close only when looking through sale racks at department stores and boutiques.  That brings me to another issue.  With all of the self-proclaimed size four women running around out there, why are the sale racks filled with size four and my size is rarely there?  But that’s another entry.

May you always have “Hollywood-sized” troubles and “Texas-sized” blessings!


  1. Vanity sizing, I sez. More charitable than questioning the star's veracity. But someone's not telling it like it is.

    Blessings for you as well.

  2. Vanilla, positiive take. I'm sure designers need to put "vanity sizes" on their clothes in order to compete for the clients who might be able to afford them.

  3. Sadly, I am the thing that is Texas sized!

  4. Captain Nancy - all of us ladies need to start shopping at Chicos. I found out that I would wear a size one there. Are they the clever marketers, or what?