Dedicated Teachers

While our younger son was a senior in high school, I composed a verse in honor of a dedicated young teacher who gave of herself to her students through time and encouragement. I sent this verse (penned in calligraphy on parchment and framed) to her on the night of a performance that she had sacrificed many hours of her time to produce. My appreciation was for the example of hard work, patience, and perseverance that she set for the students of our high school.

For the Dedicated Teacher
May God grant to us always
those teachers bestowed with
the virtues
patience, faith, and understanding
and granted the spirit of
love and dedication.
For by them are the tiny sparks
of confidence lit
that, fanned by time,
burst into the eternal flames
of hope
for the future of all mankind. ©
                                                                   ~ Verla Lacy Powers

This teacher was no doubt tired after teaching classes during the daytime and coaching theater students afternoons and evenings. 

Teachers are often spent emotionally and physically, feeling that they have no more to give. This is when they give out of love for their students.

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  1. A beautiful sentiment for a beautiful soul. Well done!

    1. Thank you, Secondary Roads. I appreciate the many devoted teachers. They are a treasure.