Making Memories

Grandson, Jacob Walker, and his wife Nicole came to visit us July 20 - 22. The same day they left, we traveled to Michigan to visit our daughter and son-in-law, Joanne and Michael Mruzek. While in Michigan we enjoyed:
  • a great day at Greenfield Village.
  • a tour of Jo and Michael’s “home-in-progress.”
  • gourmet meals cooked by Jo and Michael.
  • time with Grandson, Kyle Donovan, and his wife Kristi.
  • time with Granddaughter, Megan Fuller.
  • holding and playing with Great-Grandchildren, Sophia & Greyson Fuller and Mackenzie Donovan.
  • shopping in historic Tecumseh, MI.
  • a craft fair in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Sunday worship at St. Andrew Church in Saline, MI.

On July 28, we motored to Chicago where we visited with Daughter-in-Law, Nancy Powers, and Granddaughter, Katy Powers. While in Chicago we:
  • had a delicious lunch at the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center.
  • went to the site of the new Salvation Army Freedom Center.
  • enjoyed delicious cherry pie cupcakes at a downtown bakery.
  • got a new recipe for “Hoosier Pie.” 

Late that afternoon we traveled to Bourbonnais, IL, to see our son, Merrill Powers, who was teaching a one-week class at ONU. While in Bourbonnais we:
  • toured the ONU Campus.
  • talked with a young man who is on the Chicago Bears staff.
  • saw where the Bears train (no Bear sightings, though).
  • enjoyed dinner at a restaurant of Merrill’s choice.

On July 29th we arrived home. Tired, but happy!


  1. While on that tour, what did you do to fill in all the spare time?

    1. Vanilla, we used our spare time to sleep.

  2. Greenfield Village is wonderful. I particularly like the Ford Museum, which alongside the village. What really thrilled me there was Thomas Newcomen's steam engine. I've always been a technology geek.

    Glad you enjoyed your time in the wonderful state of Michigan.

    1. Secondary Roads, the clock ran out on us at Greenfield Village, so we didn't get to go to the Henry Ford Museum. The temperature was in the mid-70's with a cool breeze blowing. We saw a lot of the Village. At the end of the day we rode the train. I enjoyed the round house because there was an in-service round house close to where I grew up in Colorado. It was the turn-around station for the Cripple Creek trains. I well remember the noise of the steam engines coming into our train station. Greenfield Village brought back some great memories for me.