Our Marine Recruit

The image was a little blurred as I viewed the pictures through misty eyes. Today, Ben, our youngest grandson, stood at attention in front of the symbol of his country. High school senior, honor student, student body president, possessor of almost enough university recruitment letters to wallpaper his room, our Ben was pictured at the marine recruitment center. He is now a marine recruit. His dream.

I’m proud of Ben and his commitment to support and defend the constitution of the United States. Following his high school graduation, the first stop on his journey will be rigorous recruit training in San Diego. My prayers and love will go with him to every assignment.

When I look at our country’s flag pictured behind Ben, I see the symbol that represents my country and the high and noble values we uphold. Many have given their lives to preserve these values: human rights, liberty for all, equal justice under the law, democracy, equality, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, individual rights and privileges, the right to privacy, freedom to assemble, and commitment to the good of all.

I recognize that it isn’t considered cool and politically correct by many in our left-leaning society to display and salute our flag, and I classify these people with those who dishonor our flag by desecration.  My proud Marine will defend your right to flaunt and promote your ignorance.

Semper Fidelis!

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