"Man Is A Fool"

As a rule, man is a fool,

When it's hot, he wants it cool;

When it's cool, he wants it hot,
Always wanting what is not.
~ by that prolific writer, Anonymous

This is a poem my very wise dad often quoted to this restless, sometimes unhappy daughter during her childhood.  Vee

Snow picture - Clipart Heaven
Folk Sun - Clipart Weather


  1. And now I know what I miss most about this kind of a winter. I miss the complaints about hot weather.

    I love that poem. I would like to have known your father. He must have been one very special fellow.

    1. Secondary Roads, Dad was a fun guy. He had a lot of poems memorized that fit various circumstances and occasions. We were blessed!

  2. For many years now, it has been my policy to refrain from complaining about hot weather, for I want to gripe when it is cold. Fair is fair. And we've plenty to gripe about this winter. (Truth: I am blessed. I have a warm home and little need to be out in the weather.)

    1. Vanilla, this has been a really bad winter for you out there in Indiana. You probably have a right to gripe. All of us who have warm homes are extremely blessed. Many people are cold and suffering.