Good to Know Laws

Many states and cities have laws that are unique to them. This is true where I live. Even after living in the same area for seven years, every once in a while I learn about a law that I might have unknowingly broken.

Most laws are so common sense that one would never break them anyway. For example, in my city it is unlawful to place upholstered furniture out-of-doors unless it is specifically manufactured for outdoor use. That certainly makes sense since soggy furniture would be useless and an eyesore.

But some obscure laws are not necessarily based on common sense. Soon after arriving here, I learned that it is lawful to carry a concealed weapon. What I did not know is that it is unlawful to draw a firearm in the presence of another person. This raised a question for me. What would be the purpose of the weapon? Maybe one could use it to build confidence by standing in front of a mirror and drawing his/her weapon. But is the self in the mirror “another?” Hmmm.

It is also not lawful here to ride a horse while under the influence. That’s not going to happen with teetotaler me, but would that be RUI?

Recently I read in the newspaper about a person who broke our local “Puffing Law.” This law has nothing to do with things one might smoke and, I suspect, a lot to do with appeasing environmentalist groups. This law makes it illegal to start a car and leave it unattended. An infraction of this law carries a fine. So, a car reported stolen from a driveway while it is “warming up” would mean the owner incurs a fine.

I was shopping in a department store this weekend and a lady reading an ad on the speaker referred to “A-sops” fables. Now there’s something against which there should be a law!


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    1. Captain Nancy, someone's Mommy did not read to them!

  2. Oh, dear. If there were laws against ignorance and stupidity, there wouldn't be enough courts to process the cases. A-sop.

    1. Vanilla, maybe. I might actually be eligible for one of those courts. : )

  3. A-sop's!!

    We have the don't-leave-your-car-running law as well, here in Minneapolis. Tough law to follow mid-January!


    1. Pearl, I do understand the law, but I also like to be warm. If we want, we can start our car with our remote key "lob" - a useless feature in this area!