Cowboy Church

Cowboy Church is big here in Colorado. Interestingly, one of them even has a “Coffee Saloon.”

I’m not sure why those who consider themselves to be cowboys need a church of their own, but seeing pick-up trucks parked around cowboy churches brings to mind an advertisement that used be on TV. A “cowboy” comes on screen and declares, “I’m a cowboy. Got my hat. Got my boots. Got my gun.” He then walks up to the truck being advertised and says, “Got my pick-up truck.”  Makes one wonder whatever happened to horses!

I’ve decided that maybe all churches should be planned with specific groups of people in mind. The possibilities seem almost endless:

·      Teacher Church – Coffee on the Run
·      Attorney Church – Java Bar
·      Judge Church – Drink Court
·      Chef Church – Presentation Coffees
·      Mathematician Church – Haus Brew
·      Engineer Church – Design-a-Drink Shop
·      Nurse Church – Coffee IVs
·      Photographer Church – Ambient Lattes
·      Minister Church – Great Awakening Brew
·      Theater Church – Black Tie Coffee
·      Police Church – Joe & Donut Nook
·      Environmentalist Church – Green Tea Shop
·      Psychologist Church – The Bean Grind
·      Fireman Church – Hot Java Bar
·      Dietician Church – Lite Brewed Drinks
·      Electrician Church – Jolts Awake Coffee
·      Seamstress Church – Measured Concoctions
·      Jeweler Church – Gold Mine Canteen
·      Dude Church – Wha‘sup Surprise Drinks
·      Programmer Church – Basic Brews

The church I attend is for everyone. If you visit, be sure to arrive in the coffee room early. If you arrive late, the knives used for spreading cream cheese on the bagels will have been licked by the little guys.

Clipart from OCAL


  1. There is a great article in Guidepost this month on a Cowboy Church!

    1. Captain Nancy, I have not yet seen that article, but I will read it when we return home. One of our Cowboy Churches was burned during the Waldo Canyon Fire - the one on the Flying W Ranch property.

  2. You have divided us up even more than does "real" church which does have specialty congregations whether or not you have noticed it. Most lack the clever names for their cafes such as the ones you've listed. Well done.

    1. Vanilla, that may have started many years ago with Children's Church and the special youth divisions. We are a :"divided" church.

  3. This post reminds me of the words of the second half of the third verse of Onward Christian Soldiers. While it's nice to think that we are not divided, the truth seems to lie elsewhere. Or is it like Baskin-Robbins? A lot of flavors, but it's all ice cream?

    1. Secondary Roads, I like the Baskin-Robbins analogy. We are in your beautiful state right now. Lovely fall colors but we are cold!