Most Popular Condo Complex

I’ve decided that possibly animals living in my city have voted our condominium complex as most popular.  In addition to the deer, fox, coyote, and bear, yet another critter arrived this week to check us out.

Our neighbor was so thrilled to find this visitor sunning on his sidewalk that he took a picture and submitted it for publication in the condo newsletter, of which I am coeditor. 

How pleased I was when I opened my email and found the picture of this striking multicolored rascal. But as endearing as he is, it will be fine with me if he stays up on the hill by our neighbor’s condo.

Residents here tend to name animals that arrive in our community. I haven’t yet had a turn at naming and have decided it’s my time. I call him, Eigil. This is a Norwegian name that has, in my opinion, a meaning that fits this particular creature.

Our fearless security guard checked out our visitor. Whether or not this guy stays in our community will be at the discretion of the security officers.


  1. Yep, you have snake. Better you than me.

  2. Vanilla, they say it's a bull snake and harmless. I still don't want him by my condo.

    Captain Nancy, great accomplishment, right?