Fitting Names

Some businesses have very fitting names and it’s easy to determine what it is that they do. With others it is more difficult.

Soon after I moved to the city of my retirement, I saw Six and Geving in large letters on the side of a building. Curious about what the company does, I researched using the internet. There I discovered that their game is insurance. I would never have guessed. Though I have no idea why, I did think it might be an investment company.

One business in our city goes by the name, Wreckmasters. From the name, one might guess they are in the business of wrecking, and that they are very good at that. The opposite is actually the case. They repair damaged vehicles. A business that goes by the name of Body Shop also repairs vehicles, but some Body Shops sell skin care products. Apparently, at least in some instances, it’s easier to create a business than it is to select a name.

I do have great admiration for one business located in the downtown area of our city. Not only did they come up with a creative name for their establishment, they selected one that I nominate as winner in the category of “most fitting name for a business.” The sign reads, HeeBee JeeBees. Their game? Tattoos!


  1. Yeah, they give me the hee-bee jee-bees, too. Tats, I mean. (Okay, unless you are an 84-year old sailor who fought in WWII.)

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  4. Vanilla, I read the other day that people respond to getting a tatoo in much the same way they respond to eating a chocolate - having one creates the desire for another.

  5. So long as there is a blank space, there is a need to fill it. Spouse has a niece who has very little space left. Not counting between her ears.