Snow On Easter

When I think about Easter lots of images come to mind. Snow is not one of them. The weather forecasters did give us fair warning when they told us last week that the Easter Bunny might need snowshoes here in the Pikes Peak region. But, having once read a disclaimer in the Indianapolis Star that said, “Weather predicted more than one day in the future is strictly for entertainment purposes,” I chose to ignore the forecast and looked forward with enthusiasm to a beautiful, sunny Easter.

There was no indication that the Easter Bunny stopped at my house. I hope that was just an oversight and totally unrelated to the whole “being good” thing connected with Santa’s arrival to fill my stocking at Christmastime. But, even though I didn’t see the Easter Bunny or his little tracks, I have to assume that he wore his snowshoes in order to keep his paws from freezing.

While the snowfall where I live up next to the foothills was light, some areas of our city got up to three inches, and in the mountains there was much more. The positive to having snow on Easter is that we needed the moisture to help with the prevention of wild fires. An indication of how desperate we are for moisture was underscored a couple of weeks ago when the weather person on the channel I was watching exuberantly reported, “On my way to work this evening, I saw a couple of raindrops on my windshield.”

From my observation, it did not appear that the mindset of people who attend church on Easter had changed much because of our inclement weather. One might think people would get their winter coats back out in an effort to keep warm. Not so! I did not see a single person wearing a coat as they came in to our all-church Easter breakfast. The mind over matter attitude prevailed. If we believed it was a beautiful, warm Easter day, then it was a beautiful, warm Easter day.

As always, the kiddos looked adorable in their new Easter outfits. One little gal wore a stunning sheer, white, sleeveless dress and her dolly had a miniature matching frock. A Coat? Absolutely not! I did have to wonder how many temper tantrums it took to get out of the house in that little garment. But, after I thought about it, I decided that if I were the mom and had spent the kind of bucks no doubt required to outfit princess and her dolly, I probably would have kicked them right out the door in those outfits. Wear something warm? Not a chance! This is what you were whining and begging for and this is what you are wearing. Okay, I might not have been quite that bad of a mom.

I really am very grateful for the moisture we got over the weekend. In order to illustrate our need for the Easter snow, I’m including some pictures I took last week in our condo commons area.

The green is the tennis court – beyond is the grass.

The tree outside of our front door - standing there contemplating whether or not it wants to expose new leaves to the cold weather.

This is the one lonely little flower in the “grass” in front of our condo. But...

...this is our view. (Note the Aspen – the only kind of tree in our complex that loves cold weather and, like the people at church, pretends it is warm enough to wear spring attire.)


  1. Back in the day when the Star ran that disclaimer it was doubtless true. My, my! How meteorology has grown up! Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. Vanilla, where we live they actually change forecasts between the five o'clock and six o'clock evening news programs. Sometimes the temperature estimates change as much as twenty degrees in one direction or the other, and earlier projections for precipitation are cancelled. I have been told it's the mountains and wind patterns that make for inaccurate predictions.