My Favorite Day Of The Year

Included in the reading my mom did with her children when they were growing up were Bible stories. These stories were contained in a thick hardcover book and included beautiful color illustrations.

No modern TV adventure could possibly have rivaled the thrill of those stories as Mom read about the close calls of Old Testament characters and the miracles of the New Testament. What kid wouldn’t get caught up in the suspense when Daniel was thrown into the lions den or little David went alone to face the giant? And while I liked the adventures of the Old Testament, I was captivated by the miracles of the New Testament and wished many times that I could see a miracle take place. But the story I loved most was the Easter story.

In our home we had many Easter traditions. We had new Easter clothes, we dyed and hid Easter eggs, we went to church, and Easter dinner was a spread without equal. Going to church was something we did every Sunday, but Easter was the most special of all the Sundays. On Easter Sunday, we sang the resurrection hymns, “Christ Arose,” “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” “He Lives.” We sang with smiles on our faces. We sang with passion. Our singing expressed the joy that inhabited our very beings.

During the week before Easter, we had been reminded of the betrayal, the crucifixion, and of the long silent day in the tomb. But even with the sadness we felt for the hurt and humiliation our Lord suffered, we already knew that Sunday would be our day to celebrate. We already knew how the story ended. We were the believers.

Today is Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday, and today Christians commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day when Christians commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

Saturday is Holy Saturday, the day when Christians symbolically wait by the tomb and reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for their salvation.

Sunday is Easter, the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

He is Risen!

Cross hand carved by a Colorado Springs disabled veteran.

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