Yard Art

I often wondered why neighborhood associations made strict rules about yard art . . . 

. . . until I no longer wondered.

Our community does not have yard art rules but we are not allowed to plant flowers. Go figure.


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    1. Secondary Roads, most condo communities have rules that make no sense. We were fortunate to live in a condo community in Colorado Springs that was established in the 1970's, well before homeowner's associations were common.

  2. I am sure you were appalled when you saw our yard art. What's the saying? Different strokes. . .

    1. What is appalling to me is that this kind of cement art trumps flowers in our community. My much smarter (translate "more cunning") neighbor cut the bottoms from her flower pots last year and located them in the mulched areas around the front of her place. The roots of the flowers she planted eventually grew into the ground and she had beautiful showy flowers that spilled over the edges of the pots and onto the mulch. The big plus was that she did not have to water them twice a day in this dry climate with its 90 degree+ temperatures. Thinking of following her lead this summer!

      I love your beautiful yard with the balance of beautiful trees, gorgeous flowers of all varieties and, yes, "yard art." I'm sure you've surmised by now that what bugs me is our community, though the frog right across the street is not my favorite and it doesn't help that I'm envious of the fact that they have one of the few nice trees on our street located in their yard. Ours trees are still the same old sticks that were protruding from the ground last summer. I wrote about that last year and included a picture in a blog titled, "For Non-Believers." https://vee-veryverlajoiedevivre.blogspot.com/2015/03/for-non-believers.html

  3. The "bottomless pot" seems like a plan. Go for it!