Fifteen Minutes of Fame

While most of us are content to exist out of the spotlight in our quiet little worlds, some people possess an exaggerated sense of self-importance and intense need for admiration, traits that motivate bids for fifteen minutes of fame.

One such example came to the attention of those who cared to pay attention this week when Sophie Theallet, French citizen, so-so fashion designer wrote that she would “not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady.” Never mind that the next First Lady has never worn anything from this Johnny-come-lately’s clothing line.

Having never heard of designer, Sophie Theallet, I put fingers to keys and searched for information. In addition to facts about the designer, I found a number of her creations. I was surprised to see how closely some of her dresses resemble those made by my mother in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s. The major difference is that my mother had a good sense of color and style.

Yes, this is one of ST’s designs. It is currently on sale at ShopStyle for $1,177.

This is a vintage dress pattern. ST would do herself a favor to check out eBay for patterns.

This is my mom in her own creation (1938).

This is my grandma, who also had a great sense of style.

I wonder when some wannabe chef will announce that he will not consider becoming the White House Chef or have anything whatsoever to do with the White House after this coming January 20.

BTW, I will not participate in the presidential inauguration. Specifically, I will not sing, read one of my poems, or accept the gift of a VIP ticket to the ceremony, the parade, or one of the balls. But I will be watching on TV.


  1. And your mama had a nice supply of feed sack material. (She was creative. And talented.)

    1. Yes she was, Vanilla. Those feed sacks also made nice kitchen curtains.