Adulting Isn’t That Hard

By the time I was two years old, emotional and destructive crybaby temper tantrums and blaming others for my actions were things I had figured out I shouldn’t be doing. Why? My parents knew how to parent.

To the pests protesting because the election didn’t go your way, maybe you should consider growing up. Tantrums, threats, and destructive behaviors make you appear to be immature, ignorant (lacking knowledge, uneducated, unsophisticated), and foolish (lacking good sense, unwise). Fix your ignorance. Do grown-up things. Accept responsibility. Become good citizens who obey the law, respect authority, contribute to society, love our country, value all citizens, make mature choices, defend the constitution and the rights of others, and commit your lives to serving.

Just adult!

~ News photo by Reuters - Gnats by Clipart Panda


  1. It bothers me on a deeply emotional level that there are so many who will not tolerate what they view as intolerance and any opinion that does not agree with their own views.

    1. Secondary Roads, I don't know if this has become worse or if social media just makes it seem so. I suspect that more have these views now that there is such an efficient way to influence - and many are easily influenced.