Plugged In

My first computer was purchased for the purpose of writing my doctoral dissertation and my first software purchase allowed me to do statistical analysis while sitting at home in my jammies. Resulting analytical results were added to my document in the form of tables and charts. So long manual typewriter, correction fluid, and university computer lab. I had entered a new era.

The pictured Mac II is the model of my first computer. When I upgraded, our grandsons, who lived close to us, took possession of the Mac II. A lot of elementary and junior high homework was completed on this little device.

When our son moved to Oklahoma last month, he got rid of this computer. It still worked fine but was too out of date to be of any use in this modern world of technology.

Since being launched into the world of technology those many years ago, I have regularly (and voluntarily) been immersed in the online world. My constant companion, a smart phone, notifies me of new email, tells me when someone has posted Facebook entries, tracks new followers on Twitter, instructs me to put my trash and recycling bins on the curb, and alerts me when an Amazon order has been shipped. In addition, I can: check weather and time, set an alarm or timer, access the internet, make entries on my calendar by keyboard or by voice, ask Siri (the tiny person who lives inside of my smart phone) for locations, listen to music, take pictures and video, set up reminders, close my garage door, access a calculator or flashlight, and retrieve discount coupons while shopping. The list just goes on and on.

Can I unplug? I haven’t tried. However, if provided with a space in the Rockies that has no WiFi access, I would go for it. Actually, that would be my dream. I think I was “born to hermit” but ended up in the wrong space. Oh well.

Playing a game on an iPad with great-grandson, Sawyer, while vacationing 
on the shore of White Lake in Michigan.


  1. I could go for that "hermit" life style. In fact, most days that's the way that I live.

  2. Alone can be good, but you do have a beautiful garden in which to spend time.