Biting the Dust – Again

It happened again this week. Another printer bit the dust. I’ve lost track of how many printers we have owned over the years but, when I look at the various brands in the store, I can name the problems distinctive to each.

Arriving home with the new printer I decided might be the lesser of evils, I proceeded with the set-up and download of software. All went well on my part.

Packing removed
Computer plugged in
Printer turned on
Ink cartridges inserted
Paper loaded
Test pages printed
Passwords chosen
WiFi connected  
Software program downloaded to computer

Here ended success. The company wanted to sell services for my printer that I did not care to buy. They disagreed and, despite the fact that I had all of the information for making the connection between my computer and the printer, the process would not move forward.

Following may failed attempts at getting my computer to talk to the new printer, I visited the “oh, so helpful”, help page on the company’s website. When all other suggestions failed, the final answer was to have them install for me.

Deciding that three hours was enough time wasted, I gave permission to download the program to my computer and make it communicate with the printer. Problem solved? Not really. Near the end of the process the two “pay to print” (a.k.a. we decide when you need new ink cartridges) options were being peddled. These were the same options I had already refused many times. Finally, at the bottom of the page, I noticed a third option. It was, “I want to pay full price for ink cartridges.” I chose that option and will paraphrase what came up on the computer screen.

Not to be intimidated, this dummy completed the process and was happy to be able to print on the first try.

I can only hope this company decided to make its money from new ink cartridge plans and is now allowing printers and their owners to enjoy a much longer time together.


  1. Some days you have to question the notion that we have "free will."

  2. Right, Secondary Roads. When I deal with electronic devices I wonder why I don't hire someone who is much more savvy than I.

  3. Replies
    1. Vanilla, I can't remember exactly, but something like, "Are you sure you want to make a decision to pay full price for ink?" : )