Rule Breaker

Generally, I’ve been known as one who stresses over and keeps rules. However, I’m guessing that my neighbors now characterize me as a rule breaker.

I’ve posted previously about the scarcity of beauty in our area and a condominium rule that forbids planting anything in the ground. Until Mother's Day I had been quite content with three large pots of beautiful flowers, but this was the day I decided to ignore the rule. So I dug a big hole in the ground and planted a beautiful hibiscus plant (a Mother’s Day gift from son, Dale, and his wife, Kayce.)

Am I repentant? Not yet. But I may become very annoyed if our landscapers notice the infraction and pull it up. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying its beauty.

This plant has three colors of blooms: pink, orange and yellow. The yellow was not blooming when I took the picture this week. (The plant is located by our front steps and hidden somewhat from the street behind the association’s rosebush. Quite clever - no?)


  1. How clever remains to be seen. Lovely plant, though. Today.