Snips and Snails?

Last week I wrote, “Pretty in Pink,” which was about our four great-granddaughters. This week I'm devoting a post to our two great-grandsons. These little boys each have an older sister. I won’t detail the potential problems with having an older sister, but Shawn Binder in Thought Catalog highlights one advantage. He writes, “As a younger brother you’re able to see just which topics set your parents off and which things you’re able to get away with. It’s easier to be seen as, “the golden child,” when your sister has already given you the blue print as to where the parental land mines are located.”

As I was growing up I liked rhyme about little girls being made of “sugar and spice and everything nice” and little boys being made of “snips and snails and puppy dog tails.” However, as a great-grandma, I know that our little guys are made of everything nice.

Sawyer Brent Walker loves playing outdoors, being an Avenger, going on weekend outings, and helping bake cookies.    

Greyson Quinn Fuller loves toys, his bath, rides in his stroller, warm spring weather, and playing with his dog, Cody.

Love these precious little boys!