Be Very Afraid

A lot of wild animals came into our condo complex in Colorado and I was never afraid.  But I no longer have that same level of comfort with wild things.

When it finally stopped raining and the sun arrived here in our neighborhood, the shadow of a very large animal appeared on the side of one neighbor’s house. The size of that guy left me a little shaky. I took a picture though the window screen because I didn’t want to risk going out there and being attacked.

It would seem that I can no longer claim we don’t have wildlife in our Kansas neighborhood.


  1. It is trying to terrorize us, too!

    1. Vanilla, fun on a cold day. Maybe when we get some warmer weather life will get back to normal - whatever normal is now.

  2. Replies
    1. Secondary Roads, our beautiful spring has not yet arrived, so I have to invent my entertainment.