Toddler Soccer

Soccer games for me have included cheering for grandsons at the age of four and then one of those grandsons as a high school student. I became a spectator without knowing anything about soccer but, before the end of a senior season, I understood quite a bit about the game. At least I understood more than I will ever know about football.

There is a lot of disagreement about how young is too young to involve children in playing soccer. This week, I decided that I know when a child is old enough to play. It’s when Mommy does not have to take the child by the hand and point toward the ball while running down the field with him or her.

Yes, it does happen. I saw the picture with my own eyes of one toddler’s Mommy doing just that. This gives a whole new meaning to the designation, “Helicopter Mom."

I could not locate the picture of the helicopter soccer mom, but here is a great picture of a player for "The Diapers."

~ Picture from Suga & Shoc


  1. I would say "unbelievable," but I guess it is after all.

  2. Your words describe one kind of silliness, the picture another. Truly, I cannot even discuss this issue.

    1. Vanilla, real sore spot with you?

    2. Ha! I get a kick out of watching toddler soccer out my window. Many little ones run around willy nilly while numerous coaches bark orders. There must be a hundred kids out there. The first time I heard it, wondered why there were so many geese outside. Yep! That's what it sounded like many coaches make geese like music. Can't wait to see it again this summer. They only have it for the toddlers a couple of times during the season. It's very entertaining.

    3. Ilene, at one of our grandson's four-year-old games, his team ran the ball across to an unused field, got the ball in the goal (since no one was guarding that one) and cheered for themselves. All the while their coach was screaming, "No, bring it back this way!" Funny!

    4. Yes. In my opinion, there are many methods by which to abuse children, some of which are condoned, even encouraged by the society in which we live. In my opinion.