Oh The Things We Save

Once again, I’m packing. I thought when we moved to Colorado that would be my final time to pack. But, alas, Hubby is not enamored with the place I called home during my childhood and teen years.

Prior to the start of packing, I made some hard decisions. No more moving of things we don’t use and no more taking up of space with “stuff.”

Regarding stuff, last week I found some things that I had rescued from my parent’s attic while we were getting their house ready to sell. These very precious items were from my childhood. At the time it seemed important to keep them. Now, not so much.

My big sixth grade accomplishment was to win an art contest and have my pencil drawing displayed at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Yep, you’ve got it – that was one of the priceless things kept in the attic. The title of this 12” X 18” mounted (well, semi-mounted now) treasure is, “The Llama.”

Verla Lacy  Age 11 
Grade 6Y
Palmer School 
Detail: Head of “The Llama”

The second treasure I rescued was a booklet of poems I made for Mother’s Day during third grade.

Cover: MOTHER’S DAY at the top, TO MOTHER amidst the flowers.

The first poem (aka cursive writing exercise) was about Mother’s Day. I am relatively certain Mrs. Hodgekinson cared more about cursive than she did our mothers. But I digress. My poem went as follows:

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here
And Mothers’ so dear
So now on my tree
May blossoms I see.

When May flowers come
The huming birds hum
Mother’s Day is here
Mother’s Day so dear
                                            Verla Ruth Lacy

This rhyming little nothing clearly indicates that I had no idea it was my mother who should be honored rather than the day.

The second page has a poem about Spring. My concrete thinking processes served me well here.


Spring, Spring, Spring is here
Joy is gay and clear
The birds are singing
And their chirps ringing.

Spring, Spring, Spring is here
A happy Spring day
The sun’s very bright
And clouds very light.

                                             Verla Ruth Lacy

Off to do more packing today.
And throw some of these “treasures” away!

(William Wordsworth, move over. I still have that rhyming thing going.)

FYI younger generation: Gay used to mean bright and lively. (See Spring poem.)


  1. The good thing is by scanning the documents you can keep them and throw them away!!!

    When I was cleaning out my mom's house I found some interesting treasures she kept, like all my baby teeth in a little box. Some things need to be tossed!!!

    1. Captain Nancy, I kept a lock of hair from each of our kids. I didn't think about the teeth or you could have had baby teeth from both sides of the house. : )

  2. You are blessed to have kids who care enough to want the stuff. Let them have it.

    1. Vanilla, I did take this stuff out of the trash pile, but now I will have to move it.

  3. Mail it to your eldest and let her take care of it.

    1. The eldest is also moving. I'm sure she doesn't want anything else to pack. : )

  4. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Well, next-in-line?