My New Novel

My next novel will be a Young Adult novel and I’m sure it will become a best seller. Inspiration for this novel was found in an advertisement I received this week via email. This ad promoted “bulletproof strength” nail hardener. Yes, you read that correctly. There is now an apparent need to have bulletproof strength hardener on our nails. (I won’t even try to analyze the implications of this.)

The protagonist in my novel will compete as a pop icon with characters such as Batman, Spiderman, Superwoman, and Superman – maybe even Mighty Mouse and Super Dog.

I can picture it now. The protagonist, “Nailwoman,” will fight evildoers with her long, bulletproof fingernails, thrusting her hands out to deflect bullets coming at her from all sides. Bulletproof hardener on her toenails will also transform her toes into effective digital defenders.

Soon after the publication of this book, screenwriters will stand in line to bid for a film script option. Then, an Oscar winning movie will make Nailwoman every young person’s hero.

Wake up, Vee! You don’t write YA fiction. You don’t even like the fantasy world of superhuman portrayals.

“Sigh.“ Back to work on the sequel to “Child of Desire.”


  1. Didn't Wonder Woman do the bullet-deflect thing with her bracelets? Oh, excuse me. You wouldn't know, not being a fan of the genre.

    1. Vanilla, perhaps. But in that case she was attaching the weapon to her body. Not the same as growing your weapon. : )